Boracay and its Powdery White Sand

I have once dreamt of setting my feet on the powdery white sands of Boracay; famous for its water activities, pristine blue waters and the nightlife.

Last 29th of August, that dream became a reality when I and my college friends decided to visit the island for a 4 days vacation. We chose not to visit during summer since the place gets so crowded to the point that we can no longer enjoy the serenity of the beach.

We got our roundtrip tickets for less than P1,000.00 via AirAsia Airlines.


Two-weeks before our scheduled flight we booked our hotel at Frendz Resort located just two-minutes’ walk from the famous white beach. We booked it through their website (I will provide details below this blog). Jeff, one of the staff gave us their Standard Native Room (air-conditioned) for only P1,200.00 per night for 2 person. It was a very homey place; a room fit for the beach.

I wasn’t expecting a room as beautiful as the photo above taking into consideration that the hotel is located in a key location in the island. I thought it was a big Nipa house with several rooms, but guess what? P1,200.00 gave us a native spacious Nipa house. We have our own veranda with a cozy native sofa, private toilet & bath, a queen-size bed, cable-tv, mini-refrigerator, and a cabinet with a vanity table (which is my favorite). Plus, they have room service every day.

We even booked our transfers with the hotel for only P550.00 one way. It’s quite expensive compare to commuting but since we have a 9PM flight and we will be arriving late at night, that’s totally find with us.

Day 1 – Fly Day

It was everyone’s first time in Boracay. We arrived at the airport 5PM (29th August) and waited 4 hours for our flight. The plane arrived late so our flight was moved from 9PM to 10:45PM. At exactly 11PM we were on board but unfortunately, the plane can’t take off yet due to aerial traffic.

(On Board)

We arrived at Kalibo at around 12:00AM. We were not able to eat our dinner yet. We go straight to our shuttle service that’s waiting for us for about 2 hours. It takes more than an hour from Kalibo Airport to Caticlan Port. We paid P175.00 for the terminal fee and the environmental fee. We waited for 15 minutes for the boat to arrive, and its 5 minutes travel time from Caticlan Port to Boracay Island. We were then transported by another shuttle from the port to our hotel for about 10 minutes.

At exactly 3AM we were finally at our hotel rooms. Since restaurants on the seaside were probably closed by now, we decided to look for a convenience store or a 24 hours fast-food chain to grab some food. Few blocks from Frendz is a convenience store selling sizzling for less than P150.00.

(Here are our tired faces after a super delayed flight and dinner)

We did enjoy the food and decided to take a stroll on the beach. It was too dark since there are no light posts on the area and restaurants are already closed. Few gay bars were open along Station 2.

(Our first stroll at the beach)

It was 5AM that we decided to go back to our rooms and have a quick nap; we can no longer wait for the sunrise as our eyes are dropping from tiredness.

Day 2 –Little Bit of Fun

So as expected, we were not able to wake up early so we had our breakfast at around 9 in the morning on one of the restaurants along the beach. We had our silog meal for less than P100.00 with coffee.

(Late for our breakfast)

We decided to take a short stroll at D’Mall so we could check on cheap stores and where to buy pasalubongs before we head home. I know it was too early to check on pasalubong stores but honestly, we don’t have any itinerary on the first place so we are just taking our time and enjoying every place where our feet take us.

(Trying on some of shirts and hats)

The sun is all set, the water is crystal-clear, and the sand is powdery white – we are all excited for a splash. We don’t care about getting tan; we are here for the tan-lines and for the memories.

We were so amazed how clear the waters of Boracay is. We can even see everything on the water and we cannot feel any rough surface or pebbles on the sand.

Before we had our lunch we chose to try the banana-boat. One of the locals offered it to us for P1,250.00 for 15 minutes. Since we are at the White Beach, we commuted to Bulabog Beach where all water activities are located.

We get to see some rock formations, cave, and few islands of Boracay while we are doing the activity. We don’t mind the scorching heat of the sun, we’re at the beach so what do we expect? We enjoyed the salty water as it splashed on our faces and the party-mixed music from the speed boat as we go around the sea.

After what we thought was an endless ride, we decided to head home and take a bath. Although it was noontime, we walked at the beach from our hotel to Willy’s Rock and had our lunch just around the area.

After we had our lunch we go back to Frendz to take a rest. Since we were not able to see the sunrise, we decided to catch the sunset instead.

It was around 5:00 in the afternoon when we were out at the beach just enjoying the cool breeze and each other while we waited for the sun to set.

(Say hello to my sun-kissed skin)

I have watch so many sunsets at the beach but this one’s so romantic. I always love watching sunsets; it’s a reminder that each day ends beautifully.

(Sun is all gone at Willy’s Rock)

Later that night we did not opt to go out and visit bars along the beach nor join the hotel’s Wednesday Night Party. Instead, we bought some cold beers from the local convenience store nearby and some foods and chips too and just stay inside our room. We watch movies, talked about what we loved the most about Boracay and call it a day.

Day 3 –Island Fun

Good thing our hotel offers an island hopping with cliff diving and snorkeling for only P550.00 so we grab the chance and go on an adventure.

We started our day early at around 7:00 in the morning; we were at the water enjoying our early swim not minding the scorching heat of the sun.

(These bamboo tubes serve as barrier for strong water current)

The assembly time for the island hopping is 10:50AM at the hotel lobby so we did not opt to stay long at the beach so we could still wash and even stroll D’Mall to buy pasalubongs.

We bought few shirts and souvenir items before we had our lunch. We pass through this restaurant named “Jeepney Stop”. It has a cozy place and a offers Filipino cuisines for groups at a low price. Since we’re a group of seven, we chose set 3 (P1,200.00) that includes Gatadobo, Bagnet Express, Chicken Tinola, Tortang Talong (the best tortang talong I have tasted), tokwa’t baboy, bowl of rice, and a choice of 1.5 softdrinks or iced tea.

Menu Board

Enough for seven hungry tummies!

(Here’s a photo of me and my bestfriend. It’s her first time by the way.)

I have experiences in cliff diving in Cebu so this one’s not a challenge to me anymore. I will always enjoy jumping off the cliffs and swim straight into the cold waters of the Philippine Islands. It’s more fun in Pinas, indeed.

(Look how clear the water’s in Boracay)

After our cliff diving, we headed to the snorkeling site. It was a good 5-10 minutes boat from the cliff diving site.

I enjoyed snorkeling because it felt like I’m in a different world. I get to experienced how it was living underwater. If you feel any ticklish feeling underwater, that’s probably the little fish biting you. Enjoy those little kisses from them.

We also visited one island with so many different pebbles. We stayed their building castles, writing names in the sand, collecting colorful and unique pebbles, and burying our friend in the sand. That was a fun afternoon with them; words won’t be enough to describe “happiness”.

We weren’t lucky on catching the sunset that day on the way back to Station 1 since the weather is not that good but I and my boyfriend opted to stay at the beach while the rest of the gang take a rest.

That same night we decided to roam around D’Mall to buy pasalubongs and grab some food from the restaurants and had our dinner at Frendz.

Since we need to check out early the next day, everyone call it a day aside from me and my boyfriend. We took the chance of having our last date night at Boracay; we checked few bars, watched fire dancers, and drink some beers by the seaside. We talked about our travel experiences, our upcoming trips and anything under the stars.

(Date night by the bay)

It wasn’t a long vacation but we did enjoy it. Its nice getting lost and finding your way back, meeting new people, learning cultures and exploring new places.

Day 4 – ‘Till Our Next Trip

Our scheduled flight is 12:00 at noon but then again flights were moved due to aerial traffic jams but no worries, as long as we’re safe home, that’s totally find with us.

Click here for the full itinerary and expenses. ‘Till our next adventures! ♥


Frendz Resort Boracay:




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