Beauty Is Beyond Size: #GainingWeightIsCool

(Round face, fat ass and broad shoulders – Yeah, I know I’m beautiful)

The standard of being beautiful changes overtime – from having the finest skin to the thinnest body figure. Beauty as define by the dictionary is the quality of being “physically attractive”. It is the qualities in a person that give pleasure to the senses or the mind.

Being thin may be pleasing to one’s eye, white-skinned woman may be attractive to others but the standard of being beautiful isn’t just plainly about the size of your waist and the color of your skin.

Like every other curvy girls out there, I have been called fat several times. Friends and relatives who would see me after a long time would say “You’re so fat now. What happen?” It may sound offensive but I always don’t take it seriously. It’s a secret I guess that I can share with you. Always look for the positive side in every negative situation – laugh it out! At some point I wanted to slap them or just walk out but I chose to just laugh it out and say “I’m a foodie. I love exploring different food choice.” Then the conversation ends.

Remember that life isn’t measured using a small piece of measuring tape, your worth as a woman is not based on the broadness of your shoulder and most importantly your beauty isn’t measured by the size of your thighs. If you’re jealous of the girl beside you for having the flattest tummy ever – then don’t! If you’re envious of the girl across you for having thinnest thighs and shoulder, please don’t!

The society may dictate what beauty is – having the fairest skin, the thinnest body and the tallest height. But isn’t this all just what other people say and think? Why let others define you? Why let them affect your worth? Why not let them see that beauty is beyond physical appearance?

Your beauty reflects on how you carry yourself around and your confidence with your body. BEAUTY IS BEYOND SIZE! As soon as you start loving yourself for who you really are than what the society dictates, then you became the beautiful woman you always wanted to be.

Always be that beautiful little girl your mom saw the moment she brought you in this world – the girl who made her parents smile the moment she cried on the delivery room. Love yourself the way your parents love you the moment they saw you. Love and thank yourself for being able to live life the way you always wanted to be. Thank yourself for being the bravest girl despite all the body shaming and the bullying you’ve experience. Give yourself a pat on the shoulder for being able to show the world that your body size did not become a hindrance in achieving your ultimate dream (just like Miss Universe-Canada).

I am proud of you girl, yes you – with the big thighs and broad shoulders, for being able to show the world that beauty comes in different shapes and sizes. And I am one big proud fat ass little girl, too! Hooray for every girl who enjoys and appreciate their body size ‘coz #GainingWeightIsCool.

So to all the girls who were called chubby, fat and overweight don’t get depressed. Being fat doesn’t make you any less of a person – you are beautiful and you are unique. You’re body figure does not define your character and most specially your worth.

You are a woman – worthy of the respect and love no matter what size you’re in.


Love, Marsy 


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