15 Reasons to Love the World

Nowadays, people invest in travelling to different places and seeing the world; exploring new things, discovering new cultures, and finding their journey to happiness. I myself have been inspired by the places I have visited as well as the places I wanted to go to, so I decided to share with you the reason why I wanted to travel and declare 2016 my journey to my wanderlust.

I have once promise myself to visit every corner of the Philippines first before going out of the country; from mountains to beaches, and from caves to underwater.  We could have infinite reasons to love the world and explore our God given treasures; it is for us to make time for it and experience it firsthand.

  1. No matter where we are heading, there is no wrong direction in exploring the world.

Whether we go north or south, still we could discover new things and see the world. The world is an open book, it is for us to discover. It’s up to us whether we start exploring from within our country and eventually visit foreign lands or vice versa. No matter what we choose, we’ll always be heading the right way.

  1. The world reminds us that all things – even the beautiful ones – are impermanent.

The world keeps our feet on the ground and reminds us that all things may come to an end but a new and beautiful one will arrive; like the seasons (winter, spring, summer, and fall).

  1. The world is huge.

No matter how long you spend traveling and exploring, you will never run out of new things to see and learn. So travelling is an endless journey to learning and exploring the world. There is an endless possibility that you get to experience new cultures and different people.

  1. Relaxing and seeing the world in a different angle at any time will always make us feel alright.

 Admit it or not, just simply sitting and seeing the world move at the edge of the cliff or lying down your back at the beach is a relaxing experience. Appreciating how slow the world moves and thinking of how blessed we are to be able to see the greatness of God’s creation; it is a realization that no matter how hard the situation is it will always change and everything will be alright.

  1. The world is very big, but it’s also very small.

The world may be an infinite discovery of things but at the same time it is very small. Small in a way that in any place at some point in time you get to bump into sometime whom you’ve never thought would be your best of friends or your lifetime partner.

  1. Travelling gives us a huge heart for the world.

We get the see the different sides of the world; from poverty to richness, from chaos to peace. We experience the life of the locals and open our hearts and minds to helping others. As for me, it motivates me to extend my help to the needy in my own little ways. Travelling is not just about the pictures we take but also about the things we learn and contribute to the community we visit.

  1. The world let us meet the most amazing people.

Travelling gives us a chance to be able to interact with different races and ethnic groups. That is the reason why I always remind myself TO BE A LOCAL, NOT A TOURIST. Being a local means interacting with the locals, trying to put yourself in their position and not just take pictures and visit the usual tourist spots. Why not try reaching out to their local community and talk with few people and you’ll realize that you have just met the most amazing people in different places.

  1. The world is full of children.

No matter where you are in the world, the smile of a child will always brighten your day. Seeing them happy in small things and hearing them laugh like everything is all right reminds us to keep life simple and to laugh on our problems. As to Filipinos, it comes naturally. Despite being hit by several strong typhoons and other calamities, Filipinos can easily cope up because we always see positivity during those times. Just like the children, every time we see them, it seems they don’t have any problems and just enjoy every moment.

  1. The world has been the best education.

Experience is the best teacher they say. Indeed it is. We get to have the lesson after experiencing something firsthand. Travelling is not just how much we spent and how many photos we took; it’s also about what are the things we learn from meeting new people, getting lost in an unfamiliar place, and appreciating the beauty of the world. Experience is far more valuable than money will ever be.

  1. The world is a never ending journey.

We can visit the same place for three (3) or more times and still find new things to see and do. Travelling is consists of discovering new things, learning from our personal experience, and seeing the world moves in different angle.

  1. There is no place that is the same as the other.

No matter how near each place you visit, each one is different from the other. Every street food stall taste different from the one on the other side of the block, one norm/culture is distinct from the other, and every person you meet on the street is unlike the one you pass by. So explore the world!

  1. The world is full of hidden treasures waiting to unveil.

No matter how much we travel there will always be remote and untouched places that we barely know about, and they are commonly found in the shadows of the big well-known places, sitting there in silence and waiting to be unveil.

  1. The world is a market of amazing taste and conversations.

People may have different languages but it is not a hindrance for them to have a good conversation and understand each other; maybe over a cup of coffee in a local café or over a beer in one of the small bars just along the streets. They talk by heart and not by language. We also get to enjoy the amazing taste of every place delicacy and specialty which excites our taste buds.

  1. The world is filled with beautiful landscapes, positive people, and interesting cultures.

Through the places we visit, we connect with the nature and appreciate the beauty of the place. Our eyes are a wide angle lenses that sees every beautiful corners of the earth, and we are blessed. We met the people along the way and teach us the simplicity of life. And most of all we uncover the interesting cultures of the world.

  1. Because the world is beautiful—and so many people on it are beautiful as well.

No matter where we are in the corners of the earth, there will always be beauty in it. The serene waves of the sea reminds us to relax after a tiring day; the green trees and landscape shows the simplicity of life and for us to keep humble; the rain illustrates that sometimes we need to be hit by reality to learn and keep our feet on the ground; and rainbows are reminders that there were always be hope, happiness, second chances, and love.


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