The Road to Reál Quezon

They say when you take the road less traveled; it will make a difference in you. Indeed. So we decided to embark on a journey to Reál. It is a first class municipality in Quezon Province. This coastal town, located on the eastern shores of Luzon facing the Philippine Sea, is noted for its rural beach resorts.

We left Manila at 3:00am and arrived around 7:00am. It’s a long drive (for about 3-4 hours from Metro Manila) with a zigzag road but the good thing about the journey is that you will be able to see amazing overlooking view of the places you’ll pass through. One tip I could give you is to make stop-overs upon reaching Rizal and Laguna because when you arrived at the boundary of Laguna and Quezon, it would be difficult for you to find comfort rooms or stop-overs. All you will be able to see are untouched mountains and trees. There are few houses along the way but they are kilometers away from one house to another.

Since we left early, we’re lucky enough to have witnessed the sunrise along the way and I was just in awe during the journey of how these beautiful places were perfectly created by God. Everything is in its perfect place.

If my eyes could capture everything that I see, I’ll have hundreds of beautiful pictures. Quezon is a quick weekend getaway for those who wanted to escape away from the busy streets of the metro and be one with nature. Longer hours, fresh air, greeneries, kubos and simple life are the things Manileños miss.

(The Pacific Recreation Kamp –PaRK Signage)

We checked several resorts and finally we decided to stay at Pacific Recreation Kamp and since we’re a big group, we rented a two-story house with five (5) huge rooms. I will make a review of our whole stay at Pacific Recreation Kamp in a separate article. But to show you of what our house looks like, here’s a photo below.

(It’s a spacious two-story house and we’re able to parked 2 vehicles as well.)

In front of Pacific Recreation Kamp is a station of the cross on top of a mountain. Although we’re not able to visit it, I was able to take a picture of it.

(The Station of the Cross on Top of a Mountain)

After few discussions with the resort owner regarding the price, house rules and regulations, as well as the duration of our stay; we were all settled by 7:45am. We decided to have breakfast first before we toured around the house and the resort. After hours of wandering around, we decided to head home for lunch,and take a nap.

(A panoramic view of the sea)

(Camping Site)


At around 1:00PM, we were heading to Noknok Falls. It was a 15-20 minutes’ drive away from the resort. The road is not yet develop so be ready for some rough-road experience. You’ll pass through the road and the mountain that have been affected by the super typhoon Ondoy.

Noknok Falls has an entrance fee of Php20 and the parking rate is Php40/vehicle. Before you reach the falls, you’ll need to walk for about five (5) minutes. You’ll pass through a small river connected to the falls, and soon enough you’ll reach the falls.

(Entering Nonok Falls)

(Passing through the river)

(The trails going to Noknok Falls)

Since we arrived around 1:30PM, the falls area was already filled with tourists and all cottages have been occupied. So we decided to just place all our belongings beside a big rock and enjoy ourselves with the cold water. The falls is about 10-12 feet high with a rocky floor.

(Enjoying Noknok Falls)

The falls is covered with huge trees and its branches served as the shed from sunlight. We did not stay for too long and decided to head back home after an hour so we could enjoy the beach.

Soon enough we were home safe and without any further ado, we splashed directly to the beach. We just stayed along the seaside because we cannot swim due to the fact that its low tide, there are a lot and big rocks and the waves are huge and strong. So we just enjoyed ourselves sitting along the rocks with the sea level just above our knees. I have collected few unique stones which I took with me home for souvenir. Hahaha!

(We really enjoyed how the waves throw us back to the shore)

After an hour of splashing and pebble collecting, we head back home and washed ourselves. We cooked buttered shrimps, nilagang baka, tuyo (dried fish), humba, adobong pusit and inihaw na bangus for dinner. All meats and fish were bought from the talipapa (local market) few kilometers away from the resort. The seafood is all fresh from the sea and it’s cheaper than the usual price in the metro; you can buy it Quezon for half the usual price.

(Fresh from the sea)

After dinner, some went early to bed and others enjoyed the karaoke. Early in the morning (around 5:00AM), some went to the talipapa to buy some fresh seafood and take it home as pasalubongs. Others decided to stay at the terrace and wait for the sun to rise but unfortunately, we we’re not able to see it due to a cloudy weather (there is an upcoming typhoon during that day). But we’re still lucky to have witnessed this beautiful view without the sun (see picture below).

(Waiting for the sunrise)

(Last picture taking before leaving Quezon)

On our way home, we made a stop-over at Laguna to buy some additional pasalubong and to have a great view of the place. We were able to buy large pineapples for only Php35-50 each. I also bought special bukopie for only Php120 (served in 8 pcs. little pies per box). There are selections of pasalubong-stands, so you’ll have choices on what to buy. I was captivated by the view behind each stand so I was not able to take a photo of it, instead this is what I took…

(A view from the top, behind the pasalubong-stands)

It was such a great experience being able to visit Quezon. The province is so laid-back and simple. It made me realized that we, who lived too long in the metro, are missing a lot of the simplicity of life and relaxation others get in the rural areas.  How I miss the scent of fresh air and cold wind touching my skin; the rough yet relaxing feeling of the sand on my feet; the sound of the waves as it hits the shore; and the view of vast greeneries and limitless sea.


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