If you’re looking for a quick weekend getaway, Reál, Quezon is the place to be; away from all the hustle and bustle of the metro. It’s a 3-4 hours’ drive from Manila. We’re a group of nineteen who wanted to escape for a little while and just sit back and relax. So we decided to go on a journey off to Reál, Quezon. It was a very short vacation yet a relaxing one.

We chose to stay at Pacific Recreation Kamp or popularly known as “The PaRK”. It is located at KM 115, Brgy. Tignoan, Reál, Quezon. From its name itself, it is not plainly a resort but also a park. What interests us most is that we could choose between renting a house, a room, an open cottage, or just pitch a tent. The area is not as crowded as any other nearby resorts. They have a spacious parking space and pitching area. They also offer other recreational activities like water rafting and surfing.

Since we’re a big group, we were offered to stay in a two-story house. We’re lucky enough that we were able to personally talk with the owner of the resort. At first we thought she’s a caretaker; she’s plain and simple and maybe she’s at her late 60s. She told us that her family used to live in the house we were about to rent. So maybe that was the reason why the cabinets have old clothes and the 2nd floor seems to have a mini-library (haha).

Resorts in Reál, Quezon are cheaper than those in the metro. We got the house for Php4,000.00 and we’re lucky enough that the owner gave us a discount and waived the entrance fee.

(Entrance to the PaRK)

The left side is the parking space and to the right is where you pitch tents.   In-front of the entrance is a station of the cross right on top of a mountain which you can visit anytime and there’s no entrance fee to the area.

(The Station of the Cross In-front of PaRK Gate)

I was not able to see what’s on top of the mountain until my friend told me to look at it. Anyways, upon entering PaRK, all you’ll see are the greeneries; trees and flowers which I think were grown by the owner. Flowers are in different colors and kinds which give a homey feeling to the tourists.

(This is the house we rented)

The house was painted in yellow with a combination of maroon making it look brighter. It has a fence and gate of its own giving us a little privacy, plus it can park 2 vans. Around the fences are trees and flowers with different colors and kinds serving as a shed from direct sunlight.  And because I’m too excited about the house, I toured around before unpacking my things.

(Cozy chair made out of Narra Tree just outside the front door)

The front door porch was made of stones artistically collage which contrasted the yellow walls. In front of the front door is a small garden which houses several kinds of flowers with few outdoor chairs made of tires (which you can only see in rural areas). The mini-garden leads to the stairs which will take you the terrace from which you’ll have a good view of the sea and of the whole resort.

The house has five (5) huge rooms with one (1) bathroom and two (2) comfort rooms separating the ladies’ to men’. The good thing about this house is that it has everything you needed; from kitchen utensils to refrigerator and hot and cold water dispenser. It does not have a television though, but isn’t it you’re here to enjoy the beach and not slack-off in front of the TV? So for me, lack of TV does not really matter at all. In fact, I actually didn’t almost notice it until it was Saturday night (Haha!).

(The mini living room leading to the air-conditioned room on its left and right side)

So basically the living room has a small coffee table and two (2) armed-chairs. The colors of the furniture contrasted the yellow walls of the house. The two doors on each side lead you to the two (2) air-conditioned rooms with its own comfort and bath room. Each room has a queen-size bed with an extra queen-size mattress as well. I think we’re the first guests to rent the house for the month since bed-sheets are new as well as the pillows and mattresses.

(The dining table)

(Having a good breakfast)

In front of the mini living room are the kitchen and the dining area. The kitchen has a lot of cabinets where you can store your food supplies and where you can find the kitchen utensils; like the mugs, knife, plates and pitchers. It has two (2) sinks with good water supply, two-door refrigerator, hot and cold water dispenser (you need to bring your own drinking water, though), and another coffee table.

The dining table is right beside the kitchen facing another big grilled-door leading to the dirty-kitchen and patio right in-front of the beach giving a relaxing cool breeze to the dining area. The table is good for 6-7 persons. It’s not that big but as for us, it’s more than enough to hold food supplies for easy access. We chose to eat at the patio instead since it has another set of table and chairs made of narra tree plus it gives us a good view of the sea while eating and doing karaoke.

Just beside the dining table is a door leading to the comfort rooms and bathroom. Though the comfort rooms are not that spacious, you can still take a bath during those times when everyone else is in line at the bathroom. The bathroom is just the usual one; it has a shower with good water supply. A pathway from the comfort room leads to the patio as well, so anyone soaked from the beach won’t bother entering from the front door or from the dining room.

Just beside the living room is the stair leading to the three (3) rooms upstairs. The two (2) rooms are good for four (4) person each room with a fan, table and a chair. The other room has four (4) beds which is good for eight (8) persons. Same with the other rooms, it has a fan, table and chair. It also has an extra king-size mattress. As for us, we were not able to use the fans because aside from its too old and the air from it seems to do nothing, the cool breeze coming from the sea entering each big windows gives us a relaxing feeling. No need for fans and air-conditions!

So, I and my friends decided to stay at the open space just outside of the three (3) big rooms. I think it was a living room or a reading area upstairs because of shelves filled with old books from different genres.

(Here’s a photo of us enjoying our king-size mattress; with the old bookshelves beside us)

After touring inside, we decided to go out and visit the terrace. It would have been good if we could access the terrace from inside the house but no worries, we still enjoyed it despite going out to go there.

(Here are some pictures we took from the terrace)

 (This is what you can see from the terrace – during low tide)

(4:00am View)

(Here’s a photo of the house I took from the seaside)

So after touring the whole house, we agreed to check out the facilities of the PaRK. First stop is the tent pitching area. It was not that eye-catching, though. It was just an open field with trimmed grasses, several coconut trees, open cottages, and public cooking area. When we arrived, there are around ten (10) tents pitched on the area; it was not that crowded.

(Pitching area)

Right beside the pitching area is the registration for the water rafting. Price ranges from 300-350 per person to enjoy the facility. I was not able to try it due to time constraints; we are supposed to be home at a specific time to tour around Noknok Falls.

Anyways, just right after the pitching area is the beach. I was actually expecting white sand but I got disappointed. Sand was not that dark yet not white but the place is really clean. The sea water is very clear and you can even see the small pebbles and big rock on the sea floor.

(An old boat at the seaside)


(A panoramic view of the beach during low-tide)

I was impressed by how the PaRK respects animals rights; dogs can freely roam around the seaside. Some dog owners can even surf with their dogs. Although pets wander anywhere at the resort, I was not able to see any poop in the area so I guess the resort staffs did a great job in keeping the place tidy. So if you want take your pets with you, I can highly recommend this place.

(Look at those cute little paw-prints)

After taking a stroll around the resort, we head back home to prepare for another tour to Noknok Falls. I will make a separate review of our visit there.

Since we’re already dripping wet from the falls, we decided to continue splashing at the beach right after we arrived. We were just around the shoreline because we’re afraid to swim deeper. We’re afraid that the big waves might drown us; we’re not professional swimmers yet. But we really did enjoy how the waves throw us back to the shore. Although it hurts a little every time I was hit by the waves and rolled back to the shore, it was once the happiest moments I have in Quezon. It reminded me of being a child; totally carefree and just enjoying the water. I remember one quote I read which says,” Be like the sea; wild, free and infinite.” Just like what I felt that time; wild and free.

(Look at those priceless smiles)

I guess the PaRK is in its perfect location; it is just few kilometers away upon entering the vicinity of Reál and few kilometers away from the talipapa where you can buy fresh seafood and some stalls may even cook it for you.

(Here are some seafood we bought from the talipapa and cooked it ourselves)

We really did enjoyed staying at the PaRK. It’s not a 10/10 resort for me, but I’ll go back to this resort if given a chance, and that’s for sure. If you’re into surfing, camping and adventure, and if you wanted to bring pets with you, the PaRK is really a place for you.

Thought it was a quick visit (2D1N), it was worth it. How I miss the scent of fresh air, the cool breeze from the sea, and relaxing sounds of the waves; that were all that I wanted anyway, to escape from the busy streets of the metro and see more greeneries than the buildings competing to be the tallest.

So in terms of accessibility, facilities, money-wise, and cleanliness of the resort, it was a two-thumb up for me.

For some questions or clarifications regarding our stay and the PaRK, feel free to comment below.

(Took a last groupie before we leave for Manila)


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